The young author Grant Harper Reid with local comedian Ralph Cooper & Black Activist Malcolm X before they all go up to visit Fidel Castro.

Both Cooper & Malcolm X are subjects in Grant's "Rhythm For Sale".

The Network Journal & The Amsterdam News:

Reid has meticulously listed especially a veritable record of

evenings at the Apollo Theater from 1935 to 1936.-Herb Boyd


Is one of the 56 Best-Self Published Books in America for 2015 by the IndieReader Staff.


Check out this segment of "What's Eating Harlem" 

                           with Vanessa Tyler

Malcolm X

Ralph Cooper (sunglasses) was cast in his first nightclub show's by Leonard Harper. Cooper was also a pallbearer at Harper's funeral.

Malcolm X (glasses) worked as a waiter at Smalls Paradise while Leonard Harper Produced his final Revue Floorshows at the famous nightspot.


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