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Five Stars & 2015 Non-Fiction-Cultural Awards Finalist

Book Review by Maria Beltran for â€‹Readers Favorite

Grant Harper Reid's debut book is a fascinating look at the dazzling Harlem Renaissance that was the backdrop to the life of his grandfather, Leonard Harper, a known figure among history buffs and dance theater enthusiasts. Leonard Harper was not only a gifted performer, he also contributed much to the Harlem Renaissance as a choreographer and stage director so that even to this day others look up to him and his works. Those wanting to learn more of this wonderful era of dance and theater history will realize they have a marvelous find in Rhythm For Sale. The author's writing style is highly descriptive and entertaining and his book not only tells of his grandfather's exploits as a performer - we also get to see his personal life rife with affairs as well as exciting characters from gangsters to burlesque dancers in the nightclubs. This is a book every performer should read.