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What a valentine it is: With compelling apt photos, an extensive bibliography, and reference list and deeply researched, well-organized chapters he (Grant) does his grandfather justice.

2015 Gold Award Winner Rhythm For Sale

Chanticleer Best Book 2105 GRAND PRIZE

The well-documented facts and events often tap dance across the page with a fury, perhaps suggestive of the pace at which Leonard Harper worked his craft. Highly recommended.

Foreword/Clarion Reviews

Reid's approach is more expository than narrative. But his frank and colloquial descriptions of people add a sense of character. Harlem Renaissance enthusiasts will savor the names, places, shows, and feel of the era.

Readers Favorite International Reviews 5-Stars

This book is a fascinating look at the dazzling Harlem Renaissance that was the backdrop to the life of his grandfather Leonard Harper. Those wanting to learn about, this wonderful era of dance and theater history will realize they have a marvelous find.

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2018 NAACP Mid-Manhattan Black History Month Founders Day Award Winner




Much of Grant's book's inner light comes from his own, often humorous, observations, supplemented by a simply delightful parade of celebrities and gangsters with whom Leonard Harper rubbed elbows.


Like Harper himself, his biography, Rhythm For Sale is a vigorous and a highly entertaining read that will transport its reader.

IndieReader Staff

Reid does not tiptoe within the restrictions of political correctness. Writing exuberantly, Reid transforms the book into a richly tonal fable with emotive observances.

Afro-American Literature Book Club---

While other history books merely stick to the surface by focusing just on the singing and dancing, here we have a sobering exploration which examines their feeling about racism.

Kirkus Reviews

Reid's biographical debut ventures into the beating heart of the Harlem Renaissance.

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Tracing Harper's productions, particularly his association with the fabled Connie's Inn and the Apollo Theater, is to experience not only the history of these famous venues but to journey on much of Harlem's legendary past.

Rhythm For Sale

One of the Best 56 Self-Published Books of 2015

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